Pippies at Wamberal

Pippies at Wamberal is privately owned long daycare centre focused on providing high-quality education and care for all children aged from 2 years to 6 years old.   Situated in heart of Wamberal and conveniently located, Pippies at Wamberal is a very well known and loved centre which we believe is not only because of the environment that we are surrounded by, but the warm and loving feel that all Pippies staff provide. With fantastic staff, a wonderful environment and excellent educational based program, you and your child will love being a part of the Pippies family.

EXCITING NEWS – Our 0-2 Years Room is now open! Call for a tour or to enrol now!

$96 per day- inclusive of nappies and formula

Our babies program will be designed to develop the child’s awareness of themselves and the world around them within a warm, caring environment.

Routines are an intricate part of a baby’s day and our routine will reflect each child’s development, needs and interests. All routines that are kept at home, such as feeding, bottles and sleeping times, are carried through in your child’s day at the centre in order to best meet your family’s needs. Unlike other centres, Pippies at Wamberal’s nursery will have a homelike feel, focusing on providing a space where children feel a sense of belonging and comfort whilst in care.

Our focus is on providing secure and loving relationships between educators and children to foster the child’s confidence and potential.

Our quality programs focus on sensory learning and development which prepares children for future learning.

To find out more, please visit Pippies at Wamberal.