Other Classes

cropped-header-image-websiteCrafty Kids Class

Working hand-in-hand with your child’s imagination.

 One of our most popular classes, Crafting is always a huge hit with the kids. Luckily, while they’re busy having a truckload of fun, they’re also learning and practicing a whole range of useful soft skills. By fully engaging their cognitive processes, the crafting process allows children to exercise their creativity, ability to visualise and multitask while also working on their fine motor skills. One of our primary aims in the Crafting class is to instill a healthy sense of self-esteem in the kids, while also challenging them to “think outside the box” through exposure to a broad range of learning styles.


Mix and Make Cooking 

Cooking basics for kids – creating the master chefs of tomorrow!

 This Mix & Make Kid’s Cooking class is designed to help children learn and improve on a range of basic essential life skills. Under the patient guidance of our Club Pippies cookery masters, children will learn how to: carefully follow instructions, apply structured thinking and preparation exercises, use basic maths skills for measuring and timing, develop logical reasoning skills – all of which are a solid foundation for important subjects like maths, science and computer coding in their later years. Learning to use the various utensils and equipment needed for food preparation and decoration will also assist in developing your child’s fine motor skills, attention to detail and hand-eye coordination.

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